Author: Catherine Hokin

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Heartbreaking… I could not put it down.

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Powerful and heart-wrenching… Kept me awake at night.

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Completely immersive… Amazing.

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I am a big fan… Thrilling.

Fireflies and Free Kicks Fiction

Hanni flattens herself against the platform wall, looking for a gap in the chaos around her. She can see her father coming, slashing a path to her through the passengers who have realised too late where these trains are taking them…

Germany 1945.

Her heart thundering,

Hannelore Foss

runs out of the station and into the first car she sees. For long, brutal years, she has fought against her father, a high-ranking Nazi. But her final attempt to help the families being bundled onto the trains has been discovered. Heartbroken, she escapes to Berlin, to pick up the fight for justice once more…

One year later.

Hanni has a new name and a tiny, lonely apartment on the outskirts of the city. In stolen moments, she collects evidence to expose her father’s crimes to the British. But her plan is threatened when she discovers a body hidden in a bombed-out building and meets Freddy, the tortured young detective in charge of the case.As Hanni and Freddy piece together the shocking truth of Hanni’s discovery, their hearts become hopelessly connected. But both are hiding secrets about the choices they made during the war, and Hanni knows that any future together is impossible unless she can confront the past that haunts her. For a chance of happiness, what will she have to sacrifice, and can it ever be enough?

A heartbreaking novel about the incredible courage of ordinary people during the Second World War. Fans of

The Alice Network


The Nightingale


The Tattooist of Auschwitz

will never forget this powerful story of hope found in the darkest days.

Readers love Catherine Hokin:

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best historical fiction book I’ve read this year!

I was

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finishing it, because I

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… I was totally absorbed in the story…

10 stars


One of my best reads this year


I can’t begin to say how much I loved this book

, I couldn’t put it down,

absolutely brilliant

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If I could give this book more than a five-star rating, I surely would!

It is

absolutely the best WW2 historical fiction I’ve read

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couldn’t bear to put it down

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Can I give a rating higher than 5 stars?!

… I really loved this book.’ Goodreads reviewer????? ‘Have you ever read a book that has

torn at your heartstrings

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This story just swept me away

I was left speechless

just wow!!

… I do recommend a box of tissues…

This book will have you turning the pages


Red Headed Book Lady

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a fantastic story

this is

touching just about every emotion there is

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story of life, love and above all survival.

A truly emotional book and very hard to put down. 5*

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Captivating. Sobering. Unflinching. 5+ stars.

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Squeezed my cold heart

… I was turned inside out yet completely invested and unwilling to put my Kindle down while

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late into the night.’ Goodreads reviewer