The Chapel by S.T. Boston

Author: S.T. Boston

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Nestled in the quiet and remote Cornish village of Trellen, The Old Chapel should be the ideal holiday getaway; but it’s not, for something is wrong with The Old Chapel. Very wrong.Desperate to find answers as to why a dark-robed figure stalks its rooms, and the tortured cries of infants echo through the building at night; owners Sue and Tom Reed call on the help of ex-police detective - turned private and paranormal investigator, Mike Cross and his team to find a rational explanation behind these seemingly unexplainable reports. Before the team get a chance to investigate the renovated seventeenth-century chapel; now an idyllic holiday let; eighteen-year-old Ellie Harrison and her five-year-old brother, Henry, vanish without a trace from the building in the middle of the night.Soon Mike Cross and his team find themselves embroiled in one of the strangest and most inexplicable missing persons cases of recent time, and in a race to unravel the dark and twisted past of The Old Chapel before they, Henry and Ellie become its next victims. Read more