Author: Vince Milam

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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Powerful people in the shadows pull deadly strings as the ex-Delta operator treads where he’s not welcome. As he uncovers a massive conspiracy, killers head his way. Case knew the threat was real and now the clock is ticking.Can he find a way out and bring down their organization? What’s the best play—set a trap or go on the offensive? Case Lee isn’t the type of man to wait, so he protects his family and goes after his enemies. He didn’t want it, but now he’s stuck on a roller coaster ride of intrigue and life on a razor’s edge. Where his enemies are introduced to a man with special skills. Very special skills.In THE CARIBBEAN JOB – the third stand-alone novel from the Bestselling Case Lee series - author Vince Milam delivers another heart-pounding thriller of espionage, treachery, and terrorism. A tale filled to the brim with enigmatic and fascinating characters, plot twists, and stunning surprises.You’ll love this edge of your seat thrill ride, because Case is a flawed hero we can all cheer for until the last page.Join hundreds of thousands of readers and find yourself swept away today!____________________From verified Amazon reviewers: “The Case Lee novels are the gold standard for action adventure books.""Vince Milam’s Case Lee series is as good or better than any similar series in print today.”"Milam's characters are razor sharp, his action scenes are heart pounding, and his ability to place the reader in Case's exotic locations is cinematic. Highly recommended."“Easily ranks up there with Lee Child and Vince Flynn.""Reacher, Gabriel Allon, Mitch Rapp, The Gray Man, Dewey Andreas, and Scott Horvath have a new neighbor in the “favorites” section of my library. Welcome, Case Lee."“Case Lee has flaws, doubts, angst, and a conscience that sometimes gets in the way. As far as I am concerned, Milam has written a character better than Reacher, to whom all other characters in this genre are typically compared.”“One of the best authors I have found. The storyline of the main character with his family is as good as it gets.”“If you have not read this series, I highly recommend you do, even if you think it is not something you would normally be interested in.”“Case Lee is really something. He is brave, courageous and yet sensitive and caring. The characters are colorful. The action is riveting. Love this series. Please write more.”“Case Lee is a combination of deadly killer and soft-hearted nice guy, the kind of guy who can take his mentally challenged sister to sea world and discuss whether a turtle and a dog can be best friends, and yet take out five or six guys in a gunfight without blinking.”“Do yourself a favor and click the BUY IT NOW BUTTON! For fans of Clancy, Thor, Flynn, Greaney, etc. you will love Vince Milam.”