Author: Catherine Lea

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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Holly McClaine is six years old, disabled, and lost.Only her kidnapper can save her.The plan is simple: kidnap the daughter of Senate candidate Richard McClaine, take the money and run. Nobody gets hurt.Kelsey thinks it's the stupidest scheme her boyfriend Matt and his drug-addled brother have ever come up with. Then she discovers the part she wasn’t told - that six-year-old Holly isn’t going home alive. And for Kelsey, that’s one step too far.Elizabeth McClaine can't even tell the police what her daughter was wearing when she disappeared. Holly was placed in the care of a nanny while her mother battled postpartum depression. Elizabeth has failed her daughter too many times. She cannot fail her now.The clock is ticking. Both women have 24 hours to find Holly because in 25 hours, she’ll be dead.The Candidate's Daughter and its sequels Child of the State and A Stolen Woman are additions to the great action and character-driven mystery and suspense thrillers for readers of L.A Dobbs, Lisa Regan, and Mary Stone.(Warning: Some language may offend)What readers are saying about The Candidate's Daughter"Absolutely spellbinding ... completely unputdownable." - Karen Dionne, author of THE MARSH KING'S DAUGHTER."A terrific ticking-clock thriller." "...political suspense of the best kind.""...makes you want to stop and read it all over again."Start reading today!A Word from the AuthorFirst of all, thank you for your interest in my books. You’ll find in many of my books, I include characters with intellectual or physical challenges. Added to this, I wanted to write twisty crime thrillers with complex characters and surprise endings, so I created the Elizabeth McClaine thriller series. So, who is Elizabeth McClaine?Strong-minded Elizabeth uses her connections to the local government in her home town of Cleveland, Ohio to find justice for those who need it. The stories involve kidnappings and heists, corporate greed and murders and storylines that will keep the pages turning onto the wee hours.What gives these stories heart?Real, believable characters from Elizabeth herself to Holly, the cherished only daughter born with Down syndrome. Having loved and cared for a disabled daughter myself, I know the joy and the challenges caring for and loving a disabled child can bring. Therefore, from book #1, Holly brings Elizabeth a real sense of purpose and a desire to help those in need. The books in the series are sequential, but each is a standalone, so you can read them out of order.The Elizabeth McClaine Series so far Includes:BOOK #1: THE CANDIDATE’S DAUGHTERBOOK #2: CHILD OF THE STATEBOOK #3 A STOLEN WOMANTHE ELIZABETH MCCLAINE BOX SET OF THRILLERSStandalone Titles by Catherine LeaLAST SEEN LEAVING – A THRILLERDROPPING DEAD IN DELBY RISH – A VERY BRITISH MURDER MYSTERY (Satire)THE CONTESTANT – A SERIAL KILLER THRILLERIf you have any questions, you’ll find my page on Goodreads.Again, my most heartfelt thanks for your interest,Catherine