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SURVIVAL EXPERT REVEALS: 33 skills to survive and thrive in the wilderness and woodlands!

The truth is…

Living in the wild is not easy

, especially when you had never done that before and spent your whole life living in the city or small town.

Surviving in nature is different.

It requires a

completely different skillset

and a completely different knowledge depending on

where you live and the living conditions in that region.

With the help of

this 7 books bundle

, I want to help you with all the fundamental knowledge you need to

stay safe in the bush and survive

and thrive no matter the conditions or the time of the year.

Check out what’s inside:

How to plan your “wild trip” properly and ensure you are not missing a thing before you startMust-survive tools you need during your tripA proper way to quickly put up a survival shelter in the Bush that will protect you and keep you safe, warm, and comfortable 24/77 types of knots you need to help you survive outdoorStarting a fire from only natural supplies – 4 legit ways to do itHow to set a trap for different animals to protect yourself and hunt for food?How to make a tent made from plastic wrapA big collection of step-by-step recipe ideas for cooking amazing food while surviving in the woods - you can have an amazing taste of the wild food too!

And you don’t have to be some bushcraft guru or have a lot of experience

to help you survive and thrive in the wild, no matter the location or the conditions.

This book will help you all the way!

What are you waiting for?

Scroll back up, click on “Buy Now”, and Start Your Bushcraft Prep Immediately!