Author: A.E. Rayne

Category: Popular Fiction

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‘Absolutely captivating…’ ? ? ? ? ? The Furyck Saga continues with this thrilling second volume in A.E. Rayne’s epic fantasy adventure! As the kingdoms prepare for war, unexpected visitors and a horrifying murder throw everyone’s plans into disarray...Amidst the chaos, Jael must find a way to lead her warriors to victory against King Haaron and his sons, watching as Eadmund drifts away from her, powerless to save him.In Hest, Jaeger Dragos has found the long-sought-after Book of Darkness, but he needs his father’s dreamer to unleash the dark magic trapped within. Left behind on Oss, Edela is locked in a deadly struggle with Evaine, trying to keep Jael and Eadmund safe, taunted with terrifying visions of the darkness that is coming to claim them all...Also in this series:Winter’s FuryNight of the Shadow MoonHallow Wood The Raven’s Warning The Furyck Saga: Books 1-3What readers are saying:? ? ? ? ? ‘I can’t stop reading this. I have been hooked on Jael’s journey and just want to keep reading.’ ? ? ? ? ? ‘I had read Winter’s Fury a couple of months ago and I was really eager for The Burning Sea to be released. I was not disappointed! Fans of David Eddings and Terry Brooks will love this... ’? ? ? ? ? ‘I love this series. I couldn’t put this book down once I started it. I haven’t been this obsessed in a while and I like it! A fantastic read’? ? ? ? ? ‘... I LOVE this new author and I absolutely love the books. I love her writing style so much and everything is so beautifully described that when I’m finished reading for the night, I have to close the book and just sit there for a few minutes until I’m back home. Can’t wait for more.’Note: This book contains adult themes and mature content