Author: Shrimant Acharya

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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When the deaf and dumb couple talk to Riya in her dreams four decades after their murder, can she solve the crime before she becomes the next victim?

Riya's mother should have believed when she told about her recurring dreams that she would get cancer. She could have survived. Instead, her mother told she was a child, and only a doctor can say if someone has a disease. Riya repents why she could not convince her that she had got similar frequent dreams before the death of her grandmother and also before the accidental death of her father when she was a child. She loses her family. Her home city in the UK feels so depressing to her that when Riya gets a job in Sydney, she moves without a second thought. But when Riya again sees a beautiful distressed couple in her dreams for months in a row, she finally decides to act. Drawing sketches of a house they appear to live; she jumps onto the street to find them.

This time, Riya is not alone. Coincidence or destiny, she meets Sagar who has got similar dreams and has already found the house, they both have seen in identical dreams. But he has not found the couple.

Timely action by Riya and Sagar can save two beautiful lives.

Then Sagar asks, is the pair still alive? If the dream is correct and the house is real, then where is the couple?

In a startling twist comes the beggar woman Yogini, whom Sagar's father in law terms as a Psychic. Is she going to help them find out what happened to the couple or she is there to find out if Riya is going a step ahead into the forbidden territory of Sagar's marriage with his loving wife Diva?

The Buried Dream is a blend of Mystery, Romance, Thriller and Suspense which brings a forty-year-old mystery to its shocking logical conclusion.

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A clever and intriguing plot with main characters who are both original and appealing The Buried Dream proves an interesting debut for Shrimant who is particularly adept at setting the tone for his characters and challenges they find themselves facing.

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