Author: Marc Stiegler

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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A Presidency under siege. A worldwide pandemic, followed by a global economic collapse. Is a happy ending even possible?Does real life emulate fiction? Or does fiction emulate real life?All five books of the BrainTrust examine topics ripped from today’s headlines: Pandemic, Global Economic Meltdown, Deportation. How closely will the world follow the BrainTrust script?Warning: Political satire included in this near-future hard sf techno-thriller. Please remember the Golden Question: How do you tell if a politician is lying? His lips are moving!Long ago, the President for Life expelled all foreign engineers from Silicon Valley. They moved to…The BrainTrust:A fleet of immense cruise liners jammed with teams seeking the next great breakthroughA locus freed of bureaucracy and autocracy, a thorn in the side of every dirtside power.A home for creativity where no problem is unsolvable, but no crisis is as simple as it seems.A clean, well-lighted place for …  ferocious commando assaults, and desperate copter combat.The Heroines:Dash: the plucky mad scientist.Ping: the bouncy itty bitty ninja with the Real Big Gun.Jam: the quiet, resilient commando with the grace of a dancer.The Frightening Fact: A little too much of it is coming true.If you can’t laugh about your favorite politician, journey elsewhere.Otherwise, Come Aboard the BrainTrust.Every book a Prometheus Award nominee.?If you like Robert Heinlein, Michael Crichton, Charles Stross, or Ayn Rand, buy your ticket and come aboard.