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Dive into the world of Bitcoin with this comprehensive beginner’s guide!Are you interested in discovering how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could revolutionise global finance – and what this means for you?Do you want to learn how this amazing technology works? Do you want to uncover how to safely buy, and store these new digital coins? Are you looking for a detailed (yet friendly) beginner’s guide to the world of cryptocurrency?Or are you just looking for the perfect gift for a Bitcoin curious person you know? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this is the book for you.Bitcoin is an incredible technology which has the potential to drastically reshape the concept of money as we know it. But far from being daunting and complex, the truth is that anyone can come to grips with this technology. Join author and early adopter Matthew Underhill, as he reveals the foundations and benefits of Bitcoin. Using simple explanations that even a complete novice can understand, along with a light-hearted and down-to-earth tone that will resonate with readers of all backgrounds, this insightful book guides you through the world of Bitcoin – along with why you should be paying attention to it.Covering the history of Bitcoin, an easily digestible look at to how it works, what makes crypto so different to other currencies, this beginner’s guide is your ticket to understanding crypto.Here’s just a little of what you’ll discover inside:Bitcoin 101 – a Detailed History of CryptocurrencyCommon Bitcoin Myths and Misconceptions addressedWhy Was Crypto Made? The Secret to Why Bitcoin Will Revolutionise FinanceThe Simple and Surprising Reasons Why Bitcoin is Similar to GoldLearn Why the Price of Bitcoin is Expected to RiseA Step-by-Step Guide to Buying BitcoinsLearn How to Store These Digital Coins SafelyLearn About Other Leading CryptocurrenciesAn Introduction to Bitcoin Mining, Investing and TradingAnd Much More…So, drop the complex finance books and say goodbye to jargon – this beginner’s guide offers you a down-to-earth introduction to the world of Bitcoin. Oh, and did we say, it also makes the perfect gift for any Bitcoin curious people you may know.

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