Author: Tamie Dearen

Category: Contemporary Romance

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There's a thin line between hate and love... and Laurie is about to cross it.Laurie's new boss may be a smokin' hot billionaire, but he despises her. And she feels the same way about him. Until she has to play the role of his girlfriend...A thousand women would love to be in her shoes, working up-close-and-personal with billionaire philanthropist, Finn Anderson. Though alluring at first glance, he’s less than charming around Laurie. She’s not about to cut him any slack, even if her job depends on it.Finn Anderson may look healthy, but chances are he won’t live to collect Social Security. That’s why he has to be careful never to fall in love. So far, he’s been pretty safe, since he drives away every woman who gets close.When unforeseen circumstances force Laurie and Finn to work together, Finn finds his walls crumbling, and Laurie begins to care more than she will admit for this secretly thoughtful man. But his rejection has her on the run.Can he catch her in time?You'll love this fake relationship, sassy heroine, grumpy-sunshine romance from USA Today Bestselling Author, Tamie Dearen, with swoon-worthy heroes who prove their romantic possibilities are "limitless," despite their disabilities. Grab your copy now--you deserve it!Or snag the Limitless Billionaire Complete 7-Book Set.Note from Author: The Limitless Series is numbered in the order the books were written and published. But some readers have asked for a chronological listing of the books.Limitless Series Chronological OrderBook 7 - The Billionaire's Fortunate Blizzard (Liam and Carly)Book 1 - The Billionaire's Secret Marriage (Bran and Steph)Book 2 - The Billionaire's Reckless Marriage (Finn and Laurie)Book 3 - The Billionaire's Temporary Marriage (Cole and Brooke)Book 5 - The Billionaire's Bodyguard (Mack and Mariah)Book 4 - The Billionaire's Alternate Marriage (Jarrett and Rylie)Book 6 - The Billionaire's Practice Kiss (Logan and Ellery)