Author: David Hyner

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Teaching mistakes are all too easy to make. Regardless of you being an NQT or one of the more experienced teachers on the block, this is the teacher help e-book for you.
These pages contain the killer top tips from experienced teachers and school trainers giving you styles of learning, styles of teaching, teacher training, behaviour management, classroom management, time management and so much more...
These tips will help you to be remembered as "the cool teacher" with huge value added.

The teaching mistakes covered in this book are given a top tip solution from expert teachers, and education speakers and trainers, all of whom are at the top of their game. We help you to be more inclusive in the classroom, with an innovative approach to education and teaching.

Do you want great tips on classroom management? ... this book has it.
Want some advice on behaviour management? ... we have it covered.
It is like a teacher training manual for all teachers from NQT to head teachers.