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If you want to make substantial improvements to your home, but aren’t sure whether to just tear it down and rebuild – or to keep your existing home and remodel or build an addition, then this book is for you!Your home is one of the greatest investments that you have, if it doesn’t top the list of the most valuable things in your life. Improving your home not only helps make your home more valuable when you eventually sell it, but also makes your home more livable, making life easier, more comfortable, and more pleasing for you whenever you are indoors. As a homeowner desiring to improve your living conditions, you may be faced with the tough decision whether to tear down your existing house and build a new one, or to just add on or remodel your existing home to better accommodate your family’s lifestyle. As with every major project or important life decision, you will need to consider a multitude of variables, of course including the financial impact. Many people make the mistake though of focusing solely on the initial cost impact, which often times causes them to lose sight of the forest through the trees. The purpose of this book is to help you with this decision by bringing into perspective the various factors that should be taken into account, or at least considered, so that you can achieve your goals while also getting the best ROI (return on investment).Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...Considering Initial Cost ImpactUnderstanding Return on Investment (ROI)the Environmental ImpactProperty Tax LiabilityThe Benefits of an Addition or RemodelThe Benefits of Tearing Down and Building NewMuch, much more!Download your copy today!Tags: home improvement, home addition, home remodel, house remodel, house addition, remodeling house, adding on to house, house addition, house improvement, modify home, home modification, house remodel, tear down, tear down house, house demolition, tear down home, tearing down home, tear down and rebuild, new house, new home, new home or addition, new house or addition, remodel, addition, rebuild, home value, value of home, house value, return on investment, improve home, improving home