Author: Jamal Ross

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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The test results are in: it is cancer.

Unveiling this diagnosis brings you to your knees.

Those around you feel the pain as well.

You feel so … broken.

Take a step back.

You and your loved ones cannot defeat a giant like cancer in your own strength. Strengthen yourself in the Lord! Let the Word of God equip you for this work.

Author Dr. Jamal Ross is a board-certified physician in internal medicine and pediatrics. Through his mission work in Haiti and El Salvador, Jamal developed a passion for integrating prayer into medicine.

Dr. Ross believes fervently in the power of the Word of God to improve your health.

In this practical and biblically grounded seven-day devotional for cancer patients and their caregivers, you will learn how to:

Define your healingArise in worshipBecome an advocateFind your doctor and health systemFind your circle of supportSee life through a new lens of blessing

Begin your journey of praying and planning your way to healing!

Now’s the time—find encouragement and strength in the Lord with the help of

The Believers’ Guide to Fighting Cancer—

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