Author: Leah Reise

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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For sisters Edrea and Rena, the realm of the living and the secret world of the undead are hard to keep separate. With Rena a human and Edrea a vampire, the two worlds are bound to collide, for immortality awakens the sisters’ latent clairvoyance, making them valuable tools for the warring vampire covens.When the leader of the opposing coven offers to make Rena a deal—immortality in exchange for the ability to exploit her gifts—Rena is faced with a terrible choice: betray Edrea in exchange for protecting her human family or stand against the rival coven and risk losing not only her human family but everything else she holds dear.Through it all the strange ethereal bond between the sisters creates a whirlwind of intertwined hardships, nightmares, romances, and joys that follow the sisters as they seek to save each other ... and the world.*Book Series Information: This is Book 2 of The Beauty in Darkness trilogy.