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Unlock the secrets of raising a healthy, strong, and happy bearded dragon with the guidance of an experienced herpetologist!

Are you considering bringing a bearded dragon into your home but are unsure of how to

properly care

for them? Have you already welcomed one into your family but are looking for more information on how to give them the

best possible life?

Look no further, because this comprehensive guide written by a

zoologist specializing in herpetology

will give you all the information you need to raise a

healthy, strong, and happy bearded dragon.

Many people may have misconceptions about bearded dragons - that they are difficult to care for, hard to understand, or even stressful at times. However, with the proper knowledge and attention specific to their species,

bearded dragons can be wonderful and rewarding pets.

This book covers

every key aspect

of caring for your bearded dragon, from

creating the ideal habitat

and understanding their behaviors, to

breeding, treating potential health issues, and training them


Here is just a small part of what you will find inside:

Introduction to the bearded dragon species and all the important information you need to know about themA guide to choosing the right bearded dragon for youStep-by-step tips for creating the perfect habitat, including heating, lighting, diet, and feedingComprehensive look at bearded dragon behaviors and how to train themTips for breeding, depending on the species of bearded dragon you chooseInformation on common diseases and how to treat themAnd much more!!

Inside, you will find

all the information and guidance

you need to take excellent care of your new bearded dragon and give them

the best chance to thrive.

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