Author: Tom Briggs

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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A long-standing feud in Jupiter’s orbit. Free society under attack. Does the son of two great generals have what it takes to prevent a bloody war?2189, Europa. Mark McKensie-Jackson refuses to abandon his duties. Though after his father dies and there’s still no recognition of his hard work, the brilliant engineer is ready to move on from the planetary moon his family settled. But he tears up his plan to forge his own path and steps up to defend the moon’s citizens when a tyrannical neighboring government invades their valuable phosphorus mines.Determined to take action despite his mother’s refusal to use violence, the skilled weapons developer tries to uncover weaknesses in their enemy’s infrastructure. But with sibling rivalry and fractured relationships revealing cracks in the McKensie-Jackson conglomerate, flawed offensives may leave the door wide open to their aggressors…Will Mark’s combat plans be hamstrung by his superiors, or can he turn the tables on their despotic foes?The Battle for Sinope is the dynamic first book in the tense Jovian Wars science fiction series. If you like heroes with hidden strengths, richly detailed worlds, and white-knuckled action, then you’ll love Tom Briggs’ spaceside saga. Buy The Battle for Sinope to fire shots in a galactic campaign today!