The Baby’s Bodyguard by Jacqueline Diamond

Author: Jacqueline Diamond

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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A surprise pregnancy... a mom-to-be in danger... a protector who must fight an elusive enemy while wrestling with his own inner demons.

Eight months after his wife walked out on him, security consultant Jack Arnett gets an alarming call from her. Casey and her tenants at a small cluster of cabins in Tennessee are being menaced by a mysterious stalker.

Jack drops everything and flies out from L.A. To his shock, his wife is pregnant with his child, from one last night together. A key reason for their breakup was her desire for a baby, while he—after a wrenching childhood that left him emotionally scarred—wanted only to be with the woman he loved.

Now he must uncover and defeat the devious attacker. And, in the process, learn whether he can find it in his heart to be a father, and become part of a family at last.

You’ll be caught up in this riveting novel of romantic suspense by the USA Today bestselling author of His Secret Son and the Safe Harbor Medical mysteries.