Author: Adrian Fulcher

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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"This book is simply amazing.""A brilliant read!""Excellent SciFi tech opera.""Young scifi readers will enjoy this book. They will identify with the characters and enjoy the action.""Interesting plot line nice twist at the end."

Londuo is an eighteen-year-old Qinant teenager, who is stranded in Colorado, USA, after the spaceship Aurora is destroyed.

The year is 1964. Fifty-five years later, seventeen-year-old James is living in the English countryside and thinks he is just a normal teenager. However, his mother has kept a secret from him, one that will change his life and ultimately the fate of his race.As teenagers, Londuo and James’ paths have crossed before, in a timeline where every world in the galaxy is under threat from the Treitans. Time was supposed to have been rewritten, but yet it seems, in a war-torn galaxy, they are destined to meet again...

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