Author: Ell Leigh Clarke

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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How Molly has survived military life this long, we'll never know.When her implanted computer interface is hacked by a nascent AI, Molly has to escape. Grab the ENTIRE Ascension Myth Series today in one GIANT boxed set! Over 3,000 pages of Space Opera excitement!Between the militaries' high tech security shields and advanced personnel protocols, it makes getting out in one piece for Molly nigh on impossible.What’s more, her new “companion” has a spunky attitude which only complicates matters further.And her biggest problem?The swiftest and most efficient way to get out is also the most embarrassing.This boxed set includes all 12 books:AwakenedActivatedCalledSanctionedRebirthRetributionCloakedBourneCommittedSubversionInvasionAscensionIf you like your space opera with snark, action and characters that support each other, you will love The Ascension Myth where we find out if a dysfunctional genius can change the universe.Go up to the top and click 'Buy Now' or 'Read for Free' and start reading the fully complete Ascension Myth Series today!We double-dog dare you NOT to fall in love with Molly.----This series has some cursing. Perhaps hilarious cursing, but cursing nevertheless. We suggest you don't read this series if cursing bothers you.