Author: P. T. Barnum

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A get-rich-quick guide:

“The splashy creator of The Greatest Show on Earth proves as sensible and level-headed about the almighty dollar as your CPA” (

The Delve


  Who better to teach you how to make money than one of America’s greatest showmen and promoters? The founder of the Barnum & Bailey Circus and freak show exhibitor, P. T. Barnum had his finger on the pulse of nineteenth-century America. In

The Art of Money Getting

, he shares his secrets to success—from staying out of debt to advertising and the upkeep of customer relations—tips that remain timely to this day.   “Barnum’s autobiography tells his colorful story, but it is

The Art of Money Getting or Golden Rules of Making Money

that offers a recipe book for prosperity. Consistent with a great marketer, the title is a slight exaggeration of the content. There are, in fact, no detailed ideas or techniques for getting rich. Instead, the author provides 20 rules for personal success and the development of good character that, indirectly, will make a person’s financial rise almost inevitable.” —


  “There is wisdom embedded in his words. . . . The book is packed with practical advice that we’ve heard before but need hearing again.” —

The Invisible Mentor

  “Highlights how he made his fortune, became bankrupt and then worked his way back to the top again. Much of his guidance is still applicable today.” —