The Art of Alignment by Patty Beach

Author: Patty Beach

Category: Business, Money and Jobs

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Leadership often seems like an uphill battle. The problem is, most leaders don’t know how to get people aligned behind a good idea. It can be practically impossible to get everyone on the same page, much less moving forward together. Imagine if you were a leader who could.Whether you are at the top or the bottom of the organization, there’s a real art to getting everyone aligned. Take it from Patty Beach, who has been helping business leaders move projects, initiatives, strategies, and, ultimately, the mission and vision forward. Pragmatic, thought-provoking, and thoroughly useful, The Art of Alignment offers real-life stories, proven principles, and actionable advice. This step-by-step guide explains how to introduce new ideas and get any group of any size to agree and commit. You’ll even learn how to get your team members back on track when things fall off the rails.