Author: Mainak Dhar

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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THE 2ND FUGITIVE: A UNIT 22 THRILLERI once worked for the government, going into missions that never officially happened, killing enemies we never officially killed. They gave me a bunch of medals, partly for doing my job well, mostly to keep my mouth shut.My bosses tell me that I can now sit at a desk and not worry about killing people anymore. They tell me my latest mission is simple- babysit a gangster who is being extradited back from Dubai to face justice. It ends up being anything but simple when I realise powerful forces are at work to kill him before he can spill his secrets. To complicate matters, a beautiful stranger on the run decides I’m her ticket to freedom.To complete my mission and get her to safety, I have the small matter of getting past ISIS gunmen, Pakistani commandos, Saudi assassins and the Russian mob.Would make for quite a tale. If I stay alive long enough to tell it.