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Are you tired of eating the same food continuously and gaining weight?Do you want to lose weight in a very few days while don't stop to eat your favorite food?

Then this 17-Day diet book is perfect for you.

Nowadays, the diet industry has been plagued with fad diets that slow down your metabolism and trigger weight gain.Now, it is time for a change!

If you want to lose weight fast and in a healthy way, then the 17-Day diet it's exactly what you are looking for.Dr. Mike Moreno invented this diet plan, thanks to which you have the chance to lose 10 to 15 pounds in just 17 days while eating a reasonable amount of food.Thanks to this book, you will discover the four-cycle eating plan to boost metabolism and helps to lose weight naturally, eat fat-burning foods and enjoy the process of healthy weight loss.This cookbook covers:

How does the 17-day diet work, and how to get the most of it to finally lose weight naturally with a small effortPhases of a 17-day diet to start with the right foot and avoid beginners' mistakes and stay on track.Tons of different mouthwatering recipes to prepare and eat in each cycle (accelerate, activate, achieve, and arrive cycle), so you won't feel being on a diet because you will savor the flavors you most like

…And much more!Thanks to this book, you will heat your weight loss goals and begin the process of creating a new you.

The benefits of the 17-Day diet will be clear to you from the outset... so what are you waiting for?Grab a copy of this book today!