Author: Jacob Nayman

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In a world of greedy bankers and volatile markets - Learn how to protect your savings and achieve your financial goals and dreams by using powerful practices that the richest 1% live by.There are two major sources of financial opportunities - and dangers:The first danger stems from the major financial institutions, such as banks and Wall Street: these companies pay their employees and executives high salaries and bonuses - with your money!How does it work?Their investment advice, for example, may be based on making you invest in what gives them (or their employers) the highest commission. This means that the advice their financial "advisors" give you – most of the time - actually serves their needs - not yours.The practices outlined in book will give you the tools necessary to turn the tables and manage your finances to achieve your needs and desires.The second danger is market volatility, which is expressed by inflation, deflation, fluctuations in interest rates, currencies and the stock market.The practices outlined in the book will give you the ability to take steps to protect your money in times of uncertainty. You will learn how to use the volatility of the market as leverage to your advantage, to maximize your investments and earn a lot more money!Are you a "hunter" or a "fisherman"?While "fishermen" wait for things to happen ..."hunters" create a new reality!As a "hunter" in the world of personal finance management, you face survival in a world of banks and financial institutions determined to achieve their own goals - at the expense of yours. Challenged by many dangers, eager to capture the best opportunities, you have to be equipped with the right tools.The Money practices outlined in the book will give you all the tools you need to become a successful "hunter" who knows how protect his money and achieve his dreams and goals in a world full of financial opportunities and dangers.As a successful "hunter" equipped with the money practices in this book, you will know:*How to create an income-generating asset from your savings.*The most effective way to receive benefits from your bank.*How to communicate effectively with advisors representing banks and investment companies - and as a result, you will be able to make optimal investment decisions that serve your needs only.*How to identify the best mutual funds and ETFs.*How to avoid buying exotic financial products - and why.*How to obtain higher gains on your investments, with minimal risk.*How to avoid the pitfalls set up by investment companies.*How to pilot your money in changing market conditions.*The investment habits of the richest 1%, which ones are right for you, and why you should adopt them.*What the existing investment products are, and how you can use them to profit more with your money.*What to demand from the financial experts managing your money, and how to get it.Jacob Nayman's book reveals the financial practices used by the world's wealthiest. The information is rooted in Nayman’s extensive experience – distilling more than 15 years of expertise in his role as a leading investment adviser to the rich.The financial practices outlined in the book give you the optimal toolkit for the practical management of your financial investments, enabling you to maximize your profits in a world full of financial opportunities and dangers.