Texas Frontier Brides (Boxed Set) by Mary L. Briggs

Author: Mary L. Briggs

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Four Inspirational Historical Western Romances in one collection! This book bundle includes all three titles in the Texas Frontier Brides series, plus bonus story A Bride for Hannigan.

Caleb’s Rain Lily Bride: Chance Creek, Texas, 1875. After her husband’s murder, Maggie inherits his job as sheriff. Terrorized by the Sayer brothers, one of them her husband's killer, she struggles to keep the peace. Rescuing Caleb Hatcher from certain death, she finds the job to be more than she can handle by herself. Will her prayers for help be answered when Caleb chooses to face his past and find a future in Chance?

Ethan’s Wild Rose Bride: Ethan needs a bride–a mail order bride. No fuss, no romance, just a business deal. There’s just one problem: he can’t read or write. Thinking former school teacher, Hallie, is the answer to his problem, he offers to work on her ranch in exchange for lessons. Can they work so closely without romance blooming? Or does God have a different plan in mind for their lives?

Morgan’s Bluebonnet Bride: The war has been over for more than twenty years, but the need for revenge still haunts Morgan Shepherd. When he takes a job from the man he aims to kill, the rancher's daughter, Josie, is a distraction he hasn't bargained for. Falling in love with her would be a mistake, but his heart seems to have other plans.

A Bride for Hannigan: Penny’s sister, Kara, left on a train to meet her groom almost three months ago...and no one has heard from her since. Penny knows there is something wrong, and there is nothing left to do but go and find Kara, herself. On her own, she feels lost, but determined to find her sister. Will Shep Hannigan, the handsome wagon delivery man be the one she can turn to for help?