Author: Autumn Jones Lake

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USA Today bestselling author Autumn Jones Lake delivers a long, tattered tale of lust, fury, and ultimately forgiveness. Warning: This is not a "typical" romance. It's not even a typical MC Romance.


Eight years ago, the Lost Kings, MC was recovering from turmoil within the club when Wrath and Trinity met. Their connection was instant and explosive.Fury.

Wrath and Trinity's story is a heart-breaking, soul-crushing, tear-your-heart-into-pieces story. The way they hurt each other over the years is intense, raw, frustrating, and sometimes dark.Forgiveness.

Can they move past their horrible pasts to become better people and ultimately forgive each other? Once Wrath learns the dark secret that's been fueling Trinity all this time, he'll stop at nothing to prove they're meant to be together and that she's worthy of the love she keeps denying.*While technically there is no cheating in Tattered on My Sleeve, Wrath and Trinity’s story takes a bumpier route than Rock and Hope’s.