Author: Lisa Lanay

Category: Romance Books

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When Shannon McGregor is seated next to a gorgeous doctor on a flight to San Francisco, she never dreamed that he would be rescuing her a few hours later. Zane is single, an obvious flirt, and becomes her knight in shining armor when she winds up with no place to stay. Several days, and one particularly steamy night she’ll never forget, has her dreaming about forever with him. But are amazing nights all Zane is prepared to offer her?A self-proclaimed bachelor for life, Zane Taylor is also a successful surgeon, volunteering his time for assignments abroad while not missing the opportunity to collect a lady in every port. He’s never been able to resist the opportunity to rescue a beautiful woman, especially one who possesses legs that seem to never end and bright green eyes that have him fantasizing about her extending her stay in town indefinitely. Zane’s never liked being tied down, so why does spending time with Shannon make him feel like he’s finally ready to put down roots?When obligations pull them in different directions, Shannon and Zane will have to trust their hearts to bring them together for the life they’ve always dreamed of.