Author: Patrick Foye M.D.

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Find answers for your tailbone pain ... Do you suffer from tailbone pain (coccyx pain)? Do you know the hidden underlying causes? Did your doctor order the wrong tests, or none at all? Do you want relief? If so, Tailbone Pain Relief Now! is for you. Imagine being able to sit without pain. Imagine learning the hidden problems that cause tailbone pain. Then learn how to finally get relief. Imagine knowing more about tailbone pain than your local doctor, so that you can guide your path to the best medical care possible. Tailbone Pain Relief Now! comes from Dr. Patrick Foye's decades of experience providing thousands of evaluations and treatments for tailbone pain. It is packed with helpful information on the best cushions, medications, injections, seated x-rays of the tailbone, surgery, useful checklists, and more. Including dozens of chapters and customized illustrations that clarify what's happening and how you can get relief. It delivers priceless information right into your hands. If you suffer from tailbone pain, you can't afford *not* to read Tailbone Pain Relief Now!