Author: Allen Kent

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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Suppose, without any warning, you found yourself in another place and time. Zap. Just that fast! And even worse, in someone else’s body. Then, a month later, zap. You’re back where you were before, as yourself, trying to explain to people what had happened to you. But no one believes you because during that month, people didn’t think you’d been gone at all. Just that you’d been acting really weird. Because someone else had been there in your body, someone who claimed she was another person. Everyone would think you were completely nuts. Right? I can promise you they would. Because that’s just what happened to me.
Why do Alyssa (Ally) Wallis, a soccer-loving teen from Texarkana, Texas, and Emmeline Caywood, a prim, artistic British immigrant to South Africa's 1820s Cape Colony of Bathurst, suddenly switch places and bodies? Has Emme been cursed by the local Xhosa chieftain for breaking a taboo, as her maid insists? Did a fall launch Ally into a world of hallucination where what seems so real is no more than a creation of a wounded mind? Or does each have a role in rectifying a centuries-old injustice that will change forever both of their lives and the lives of those they love?
"Switch" is a page-turning journey into the lives of two young women whose bond over time changes who they are, who they become, and the lives of everyone they love.