Author: Jessie Newburn

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Are you headed to Burning Man for the first time? If so, then this book, “Surviving Burning Man: A Packing List for First-Tiimers” is a must read! Author Jessie Newburn not only recommends WHAT to bring to Burning Man but WHY to bring it.In her essential guide to packing for Burning Man, she offers stories, insights and a thorough list of what to bring, sorted and organized by categories such as Tent Setup, Footwear, Lights, Transportation, Day Clothes, Night Clothes, Body Care, Sleeping and much more.While it’s unlikely that you’ll bring everything on this very detailed Burning Man packing list, you’ll be more prepared to think through your own particular needs and to provision and pack properly for your circumstances. This book is an accompaniment to a famous (in a very small world) packing list spreadsheet that can be copied and customized to your own personal needs. Newburn recommends that first-timers camp with a larger group or recognized theme camp and, as such, this packing list focuses on personal care and not on considerations and needs for infrastructure, grey water management, kitchen setup, power needs, bike parking and the like. This book is available as a free download. And as a free PDF at out for more tips and info.Burn bright!