Author: Katherine Carlson

Category: Thriller & Suspense

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Jeannie Parker married a serial killer.She didn’t know it at the time.But she blames her own demons for steering her into such a black orbit.Now, she’s running for her life...

Stumbling through the frozen woods, she’s mad-lucky to find the decrepit cabin. But she can only hide so long. Their final showdown awaits. At least she’s stopped lying to herself about his depravity—so impossible to withstand, let alone outwit. Maybe she doesn’t deserve to get away given her complicity over the years.

Still, a budding survival instinct within, Nag, disagrees with her assessment. The strongest part of herself won’t allow an easy surrender. Nag changes the odds.

And the odds stack up against her; plummeting temperatures, endless wilderness, and festering evil diminish any chance of escape. Only one question remains: can she root out the inner villains and flip the script on her inevitable demise?

????? "Best psychological thriller I've ever read!" ~ Amazon reader ?????

"This was one scary book." ~ Goodreads reader