Author: Christine Kling

Category: Thrillers & Suspense

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What would you do if you discovered a $5M superyacht unmanned and adrift, a trail of blood across the deck, and a bikini-clad blonde with a knife in her back?

That’s exactly what Florida salvage captain Seychelle Sullivan finds when she responds to a strange woman’s Mayday call.Worse, the missing skipper is Neal Garrett, her ex.But when she ties the salvaged yacht to the Coast Guard dock, the Fort Lauderdale detective zeroes in on her as a suspect and raises questions. Questions she can’t answer.Is Neal dead or alive­?Who is the dead blonde?And who owns the lavish yacht Seychelle just salvaged?She wants answers, too. Her business is in trouble, and this salvage claim against a yacht worth millions just might save her from having to sell her beloved tugboat, 


.?If you like hair-raising sea stories, tales of Florida's underworld, and chase scenes through the Everglades, you'll love 

Surface Tension

 and Seychelle Sullivan. ??

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