Author: Mari Silva

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Unlock the mysteries of personality, relationships, and success with astrology!

Two manuscripts in one book:

Sun Signs: Unlocking the Secrets of the 12 Zodiac Signs in Western Astrology to Understand Personality TypesMoon Signs: The Ultimate Guide to Understanding Your Sign, Different Sun-Moon Astrology Combinations, and Compatibility

Do you find it difficult to relate to other people and understand how and why they think and act the way they do? Do you struggle to establish and maintain relationships and want to try a new approach? Have you ever wondered if there is more to astrology than you might have thought?This book will give you a comprehensive overview of the twelve zodiac signs and how they can explain our personalities and the way we relate to all sorts of people and situations.Western astrology is a system that has been developed and perfected since ancient Greece and Mesopotamia. You will find that the techniques and interpretations that have accumulated over thousands of years are still relevant today.

Here is just a tiny fraction of what you will discover in part one:

Learn about each sign's positive and negative traits and how these qualities and quirks impact how we behave in various situations.Discover how you can get along with other signs based on their unique characteristics and predispositions.Learn the nature of the twelve signs and what each one can teach you about the ever-relevant subject of love and romance.Learn how to get a failing relationship back on track. The knowledge of how each sign thinks and how they see themselves in the world will help you empathize with your loved ones.Discover how astrology can help you in your professional life by teaching you to understand the various personality profiles.Discover new ways to approach both new and old friendships by considering each sign's personality traits.Unlock the secrets that the stars and celestial bodies give us and gain a more intimate insight into your own nature and heart.

In part two of this book you will...

Discover the difference between your Sun sign and Moon sign and why it matters.Learn what your Moon sign has to say about your personality.Never get stuck in a Sun sign that doesn’t resonate with you.See examples of Astrological combinations about the Sun and Moon signs.Learn to understand your Sun sign’s characteristics and the impact they may have on your Moon sign.Discover the amazing secrets your Moon sign has to offer. Discover every Moon sign combination and what it means for your life.Make stunning discoveries that will lead you to a better understanding of yourself and your life.Finally, figure out who you truly are.Discover your role in the universe.

By reading this book you can finally go from not knowing who you are to fully understanding why you make the choices you make, why you think the way you think, your life’s purpose, and much more!With 144 different Sun and Moon sign combinations and advice tailored for your specific personality, this book will provide you with knowledge-based on centuries of astrological observation. From the Greeks to modern daily occurrences, the ability to know oneself has been the true mark of an educated human being and soul.

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