Author: Debi Ennis Binder

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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Summerbird Asii has always been an inept seer; why try to deny it? She’s spent her young life hiding her fractured magic in a land where spellwork will get you a death sentence faster than any crime. Such a lack of talent is, in fact, goddess-sent. The last thing Summerbird wants is to give the heavily armed men who enforce the no-magic law cause to catch and jail—or even execute—her. The second-last thing she needs is a visit from a gruff griffin with a task for her. She must rescue several highborn Fey. An evil sorcerer compromised their magic, and he doesn’t want a feckless seer interfering with his plans. Why would she agree to do such a mad thing? Does she have a choice? She doesn’t. As the griffin leaves her to decide, his parting words are an irresistible lure to a young woman desperate to learn of her missing life in a magical land—would you like to learn your magic? The griffin’s intriguing words set her on a path to learning who—and what—she really is, and what life-altering secrets have been hidden from her. Why was she left in a cold-blooded, non-magical world with a well-used green-crystal ball, with the words, “This is your legacy. Forget whatever you see in it.”