Suez: The Forgotten Invasion by Robert Jackson

Author: Robert Jackson

Category: History, Politics and Culture

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One of the most significant events in British history, the Suez Crisis heralded the end of the British Empire.
When Britain joined forces with France and Israel to invade Egypt in an attempt to regain control of the Suez Canal from President Nasser in 1956, the country was still holding onto its status as the world’s biggest superpower. Within days, the conflict would be over and Britain would emerge humiliated, politically weakened and on the verge of economic crisis.
Why did Britain ignore all warnings from the US, the Soviet Union and the United Nations? Why did Prime Minister Anthony Eden run such a personal crusade against Nasser? And why was Britain – then the foremost military power in the world – so ill-prepared compared to their French allies? Following the new release of classified government documents, Robert Jackson’s book investigates these pertinent questions. In a climate where politicians are still quick to rush to war, this story is essential reading.