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Can you solve this riddle featured on the back cover of #Stumped?

“I am a word that has three letters, but I’m actually six letters long, I’m used when thinking or trying to figure what may have gone wrong, here is a clue that may help you, four of my letters are the same, and the first three letters spell a body part or an animals name” What word am I?

Riddle games are ideal for family gatherings, dinner gatherings, baby showers, wedding showers, birthday parties, grad parties, and more. Give the best and worst riddle guessers a prize or bragging rights, you choose.

Hey, you don’t have to use these riddles just for events and family gatherings; take a break and challenge yourself.

#Stumped features 80 original riddles with each of the eight chapters containing ten riddles. For added help, the chapters are broken down and identified by the topic they pertain to.

Turn off the world today and have some fun.