Author: C. Greg Long

Category: Spiritual Health and Self

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Strength at the Broken Places is a memoir about hope and healing arising from failure and loss.Passionate and joyful, forceful and tender, humorous and heart-breaking, Strength at the Broken Places is both an intimate memoir and an empowering guide to hope and a new beginning.Greg grew up during the economic prosperity and optimism of the baby boomer generation when the virtues of apple-pie American life were extolled. It was also the generation when divorce became more prevalent, leaving the first generation of latch-key kids home alone. In this unforgettable memoir, Greg takes you on a journey from his latch-key childhood in southern Georgia to the heights of career success as a pastor, professor, and publishing executive, only to succumb to failure in both his career and family. Greg finds the answer to failure in the most unexpected places. He embraces and overcomes the past, confronts his mistakes, and explores a transcendent path to new life and restoration. His story helps us discover why failure is never fatal, how we can make peace with others whom we have disappointed and hurt, how we can embrace and overcome anger and loss, and out of our wounds how we become wounded healers for others.Life is not about us; it’s about how we care for those around us. From a failed journey of outward personal success to the purposeful and heart-felt ministry of serving others, Greg found the secret to a fulfilled life—an awareness that it is easier to succeed than to fail. Strength at the Broken Places will lead you on a journey to discover:•    How true and lasting change occurs•    How failure does not define us•    How authentic identity is not determined by what you do or to whom you are related•    How success comes from intention rather than effort•    How to answer the four critical questions that every person must answerThis is an unforgettable memoir of hope and transformation—a book that will change the way you view your life, others, and the world.