Author: Cheree Alsop

Category: Teens & Young Adult

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The Few Werewolves That Survived The Genocide Seek RefugeWerewolves are struggling to survive and there are fewer safe havens everyday. Desperate for some kind of refuge, Jaze and those who remain of his pack build an Academy to protect the children who endured the genocide. ??? After Losing Everything They Must Find A Way To Survive In The New WorldAlex and Cassie arrive as orphans after losing everyone they love. The twins find themselves in a new world where they have to survive the politics and dangers of being a werewolf in a world that wants them destroyed. But outside forces have found them. ??? Can Alex protect his sister? Can they survive the attacks of a man who wants them dead and will stop at nothing to see it happen???? Strays is the gripping first installment in the Wolf Academy series. “Great story. Loaded with adventure at every turn. Can't wait till the next book. . . I would recommend to all young and old readers.” ”" Sharon KleinScroll Up And Grab Your Copy Today!