Author: JAck Castle

Category: Fantasy and Paranormal

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From the author of the #1 bestseller, “Europa Journal” Welcome to Stranger World!!!A place where homicidal monarchs reign, ravenous dinosaurs roam, flying steamships rule the sky, and the tea parties are enough to drive a Hatter Mad.A combat helicopter pilot is killed in action, a French microbiologist arrives from a far-flung future, and an accountant from the 1970’s, all awaken into this amazing yet sinister world with no memory of how they arrived or how to return to their own time. They are soon joined by a snarky "Leftenant", desperate to reclaim her lost airship, a friendly gargoyle who may or may not eat cats, and an enigmatic Lamppost Man, who, despite his nasty habit of getting everyone into trouble, just may be… the key… to everything. Thank You For Coming!“The lines of imagination and reality have never been so blurred as in the amazing yet sinister theme parks so creatively envisioned by Jack Castle!” -The Spokesman Review