Stranded by the Highlander by Rebecca Preston

Author: Rebecca Preston

Category: Romance Books

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After being cast back in time to 16th century Scotland, Nancy is embroiled in a world of supernatural beings and a mystery that brings her closer to the handsome Malcolm…

Accomplished SCUBA instructor Nancy Kane has an obsession with the supernatural and cryptozoology, so when she’s exploring an underground cave system and is somehow transported back in time to Loch Ness where she comes face to face with the illusive monster, she’s not terrified. She’s fascinated. While coming to terms with being stuck in another time weighs on Nancy’s, she finds the prospect easier to stomach with the help of Malcolm Grant, the tanist of Urquhart Castle.

Malcolm has sworn off women after one too many rejections, but the beautiful blonde from the future has him rethinking his stance on love. The kind-hearted Nancy takes the truth of her new life in stride and isn’t fazed at all by the supernatural beings and curses in her new home. The two instantly hit it off and spend more time together as he introduces her to all the wonders of the Keep and surrounding countryside.

But when mysterious troubles start in town and the finger is pointed toward the entities of the Loch, Nancy must team up with Malcolm to clear the name of their friends and to identify the real culprits, all while protecting her heart.

Stranded By The Highlander is the second book in the Highlander Forever series, perfect for fans of brooding heroes, intrepid heroines, and page-turning time-travel romance. Grab your copy today, and enter the exciting world of Highlander Forever! Read more