Author: Tom Pocock

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Following the Battle of Trafalgar, Britain had one objective: stopping Napoleon at all costs… After his defeat by Nelson at Trafalgar, Napoleon knew he could never invade England. Many thought he would try to take over the vast, crumbling Ottoman Empire, return to Egypt and even march on India. So the British concentrated on the Mediterranean: for a decade it became the scene of dangers, real or imagined, and of battles both on land and at sea. All was dictated by a fierce determination to stop Napoleon.Stopping Napoleon is a fast-paced, beautifully written account that should be read by all aficionados of the age of Nelson and Napoleon.Praise for Tom Pocock: 'Pocock has restored this neglected campaign to its true importance in this lively and important book' - Sunday Times'Compendiously detailed, expert analysis ... No detail escapes Mr Pocock' - The Spectator'An enthralling read' - Brighton ArgusTom Pocock was the author of eighteen books (and editor of two more), mostly biographies but including two about his experiences as a newspaper war correspondent. Born in London in 1925, he was educated at Westminster School and Cheltenham College, joining the Royal Navy in 1943. He has contributed to many magazines and appeared on television documentaries about Nelson and the subject of another of his biographies, the novelist and imperialist Sir Rider Haggard.