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Do you often struggle to start new projects? Do you always postpone actions until the deadline comes? Do you feel stressed and overwhelmed by unfinished to-do lists, missed deadlines, and abandoned projects? Do you want to find a way to boost your personal productivity and peak your performance?This practical book action-oriented will bring into limelight the real reasons behind procrastination and propose simple proven strategies and tips on how to beat procrastination. Everybody procrastinates! The problem is that a little procrastination can go a long way. For many, it can be a real obstacle to leading a productive and successful life. According to the author, Robert Hensley, there are many causes for procrastination starting from the bias over certain tasks and ending by being too much of a perfectionist. And it is crucial to define underline cause of it in each particular case.In his book, Stop Procrastinating: Simple Steps to Increase Productivity and Overcome Procrastination, Robert Hensley offers his readers a practical guide to ending procrastination. This book does not just provide an explanation for the root causes of procrastination, but it gives the reader real strategies to overcome them. These strategies include identifying triggers of procrastination and getting rid of them, developing will-power, prioritizing tasks, effective personal time management tips, etc. You will learn how to surf your emotions, reduce self-criticism, improve productivity and simplify your life. You will learn to hold yourself accountable for getting the most out of your day. This is a book that can help you to eliminate procrastination from your life permanently.This essential self-help guide to end procrastination is an excellent choice for anyone who truly wants to stop procrastinating … and to lead a more productive, successful life.Stop Procrastinating: Simple Steps to Increase Productivity and Overcome Procrastination is an insightful how-to book which will teach you to stop procrastinating, be more productive, avoid feeling overwhelmed, take control of your actions, help to enjoy life without constantly feeling guilty or stressed out and achieve your goals.Don’t wait. Learn How to Overcome Procrastination!Scroll to the top of the page and click the "BUY NOW" button!