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Learn how to stop procrastinating today ? once and for all.Is your potential limited due to your procrastination habit? Are you tired of the guilt, stress, and overwhelm? Do you want to learn the secret to getting things done quickly and effectively, so you can increase your success in all areas of life? In this no-fluff and action-oriented book, you’ll discover the real reason behind your procrastination (there’s only one!) and you’ll find potent tools to help you overcome procrastination for good. In Stop Procrastinating You’ll Discover…More than 20 science-based strategies designed to help you overcome laziness, free yourself from excessive guilt, and get things done whether you feel like it or not.A simple strategy for programming your unconscious mind to act in any way you likeNew research explaining differences between procrastinators and non-procrastinators (Hint: procrastination is not your fault.)Why criticizing yourself always leads to more procrastination and what to do insteadThe 30-second trick to build “instant habits” so you can wake up early, exercise regularly, and get more done without wasting any willpowerA quick walkthrough of the new science of willpower: why you need it, easy ways to get more of it, and step-by-step advice on how you’ll use it to overcome procrastinationWhy your granny doesn’t procrastinate (the alarming link between technology, distractions, and procrastination… and what you must do to escape this trap)Rarely discussed but highly researched strategies that tackle the root cause of procrastination… allowing you to quickly relieve guilt, feel better about yourself, and as a result get more doneWhether you’re a failing student, aspiring entrepreneur, stay-at-home mom, or just someone who’s constantly struggling for motivation – know that by following the information in Stop Procrastinating, you can overcome procrastination. More importantly, you can finally realize your potential, go after your dreams, and enjoy life without constantly feeling guilty or stressed out. Don’t wait. Learn How to Overcome Procrastination by Clicking the "Buy Now" Button at the Top of the Page.