Author: Jacob Whaler

Category: Sci-Fi and Future Worlds

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Ryzaard is on the cusp of his dream . . . Paradise.When nuclear detonations destroy cities across the globe, the world embraces Shinto as the only solution for a civilization teetering on the brink of destruction.All according to Ryzaard’s plan.One final step remains. With the help of Jhata, Ryzaard unveils the Abomination: a gift of incredible wonder that gives all humankind full sensory access to the Mesh. At a time of his choosing, it will unite the human race under his dominion.Not knowing their ultimate fate, the masses hunger for what he offers.Matt faces a stark dilemma. How can he protect the world from the Abomination without becoming a murderer like Ryzaard?Clinging to the woman he loves, Matt is desperate to keep her from making the ultimate sacrifice, knowing she’ll willingly give up her life to protect him. And Jessica isn’t the only one. Matt must find a way to save Yarah, the child prodigy, from Ryzaard’s bottomless rage.Nothing prepares Matt for what he may lose in the final battle.This is Book Four of the Stones Series.