Author: Andrew McGregor

Category: Science Fiction

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Embark on an interstellar odyssey with the 2nd edition of "Starships & Apocalypse Volume One." Riveting tales await, each a universe of its own.

In "Lost Embers" (14,000 words), a rare alien bird becomes an unlikely hostage in the clutches of an extinct terror—humankind. "A Hard Shell" (1,500 words) unleashes an A.I. inside power armor, determined to rewrite its destiny. "Time Stalker" (7,000 words) sends a mad, immortal genius back in time, setting the stage for an unending vendetta."Reaper's Cruise" (4,500 words) thrusts you into a starship under siege, where digital passengers must unknowingly defend against a sinister mission. "End of the Line" (1,500 words) offers an otherworldly journey, but when Madame Elaine Amplebottom demands backrubs, even the stars can't escape discomfort.And in "Wargames of the Shellworld" (43,000 words), a young teacher is taken to the epic Shellworld, where she must lead armies of alien clones in a high-stakes showdown. Victory promises a way home, but it comes at a profound cost.As you dive into "Starships & Apocalypse Volume One," your yearning for adventure, mystery, and thought-provoking science fiction will be unquenchable. These stories and more will ignite your curiosity and leave you craving the extraordinary.Don't miss your chance to experience the cosmic wonders within this collection. Order your copy today and embark on a voyage through the stars, where each story is a universe of its own. "Starships & Apocalypse Volume One" will transport you to realms beyond imagination, inviting you to explore the unknown, whether you have a few minutes to spare or an entire evening to lose yourself in a sweeping saga.