Stalkers by Eileen Ormsby

Author: Eileen Ormsby

Category: General Nonfiction

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Deluded narcissists. Obsessed fans. Sinister internet trolls. Stalkers who turned deadly
A Hollywood starlet on a smash-hit sitcom enjoys rising fame, unaware that her greatest fan is hell-bent on meeting his crush. When she films a love scene, his adoration turns into a quest to see her punished
What reviewers are saying about Eileen Ormsby
‘Ormsby has delivered a triumph of narrative journalism, meticulously researched and gripping, a skilful mergence of tech jargon with human drama.’ The Saturday Paper
‘The book is a fascinating expose of this particular aspect of the “dark web” of internet dealings and its subsequent unravelling.’ Sydney Morning Herald
‘Ormsby’s investigative journalism shines’ Penthouse Magazine
‘What pulls you through The Darkest Web isn’t its often-nefarious, sometimes-gory details, but Ormsby’s handling of three progressively intense narrative arcs.’ The Guardian
‘The darknet has become a repository for human cruelty, perversion and psychosis, and Ormsby captures all the tragedy in her gripping book.’ The Australian
‘Ormsby gently takes the reader by the hand, unpacking the technology underpinning this ‘dark net’ market.’ Australian Police Journal
‘Riveting.’ Who Magazine
‘Investigative journalism that gallops along at a cracking pace.’ SMH Good Weekend
‘[Stalkers is] chilling... harrowing...unpicks the sordid tale from the start' The Sun
'Dark, disturbing and near unbelievable... [Stalkers is] my No.1 true crime read this year' OzNoir
The tales in this book are extended versions of stories originally written for the Casefile True Crime podcast: - Ella Tundra - Rebecca Schaeffer - Mark & John - The Craigslist Rape Fantasy plot