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Early education teachers have a major problem on their hands – many children just aren’t interested in anything to do with fine motor or early writing any more. You set up some fabulous activities, and at best they are used for a couple of minutes, or worse – completely ignored. The gender gap is growing. The number of children with fine motor difficulties is increasing year on year.Teaching early writing becomes harder and harder with every passing day. So, what’s the answer?Martin Williams has taught children aged 3-5 over the last ten years, and in that time he has been a student of the science of how to create the best performing fine motor and early writing activities. Run of the mill stuff doesn’t really cut it in this area. You have to provide games that are scintillating…inspiring…alluring…that are strongly tapped into the interests of the children, and are something they cannot resist!For the last two years he has been running his practical fine motor and early writing workshop around the UK. This has taught thousands of early education practitioners how to spice up their practice, and offer child-friendly activities that transform reluctant mark-makers into confident early writers.Now, he has created this book of the best 101 games to build that crucial launch-pad to get children engaged and excited by fine motor and early writing experiences.This book shows you how to:-Create ‘boy friendly’ activities to lure in even the most uninterested-Create scintillating hooks-Design activities that children simply can’t resist-Use unicorns and dinosaurs and superheroes, and all the other wonderful things they are interested in-How to identify interests, and pile in when they are located-Close that ever-present gender gap-How to set up a whole host of amazing but simple resources in the minimum amount of time-How to bridge the gap between beginning to make marks, and (later on) writing letters and wordsDrawing on ten years’ worth of experience, this book contains:-Clear descriptions of 101 ideas, with many ideas on how to adapt or extend for different learners-Fifty beautiful illustrations of many of the games in action-Activities that are either free or extremely cheap to set up and resource-Links to multiple free bonus materialsThis book is a must buy for any teacher or parent of children aged anywhere from 2 to 6. It’s time to inspire, enthuse, and get children firmly on the path to becoming confident and interested early writers!