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Advantages Of A Grid Garden

Growing vegetables in a Raised Bed Grid garden (aka Square Foot Garden), is a great way to maximise your vegetable growing efforts, and at the same time dramatically reduce your workload.
A Grid garden is simple to assemble and operate, and can be used in a tiny space from 4 foot square to whatever suits your growing needs.
Growing in 1 foot squares means that you can truly maximise your vegetable production, in an environment that is great fun to operate and will assure a regular harvest of healthy vegetables.
If you are growing vegetables in Raised Beds, then your production and crop rotation can be maximised by using the simple techniques employed in Grid Gardening.

What You Will Find In This Book
How To Grow Healthy Organic vegetables In square grid style raised bed gardens

If you have limited space but would like to grow your own healthy vegetables, then this is the book for you! Best-Selling authors James Paris shows you just how you can get the best out of your small space by using the ‘Grid Gardening’ system to its fullest advantage.

With this Grid Gardening method of growing vegetables in small spaces, you have the combination of Raised Beds sectioned into grids to form a ‘plan of action’ that combines all the best elements of horticultural techniques for growing amazing vegetables – with little fuss!

Coupled with many other methods for growing organic including fertilization and companion planting techniques, Grid Gardening is another way to take back control of your food requirements from the big corporations - and benefit from your own freshly grown ‘clean’ vegetables.

You can only be sure of what your are putting into your (and your family’s) bodies when you personally are in charge of growing your own food!