Author: K.E. O'Connor

Category: Mystery and Crime Fiction

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Welcome to the magical world of Witch Haven, where nothing is what it seems, spells are currency, and mystery is just around the corner.

I’m back in the last place I want to be. A place where my

magic went rogue

. Witch Haven should be a haven for all spell casters, but I messed that up.I’m drained of power, but hoping I can

sneak in

, sort the mess my stepmother left behind when she died, and get out alive.If the villagers find me here, they’ll hunt me. If the Magic Council catches me using anything more than a light spell, I’ll go

back to jail

. And if my guilt doesn’t choke me, the gnomes will.All I need to do is stay focused. But as soon as I return to the home I was raised in, the memories whack me over the head like an

enchanted witch's broomstick

. I left everything here: my best friends, my familiars, my heart. Can I really walk away again?I have nothing to lose, so why not take a risk?***Welcome to the

darker side of cozy witch paranormal mysteries

, full of magic and puzzles to solve. Meet troubled witch, Indigo Ash, in the first book of the Witch Haven mysteries, along with a cast of quirky, fun characters who'll entertain you throughout this book. Can you figure out the mystery before Indigo does?