Author: Jesse Sullivan

Category: Children and Middle Grade

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DISCOVER, WONDER, EXPLORE, IMAGINEYou have found the book that is a wild, whirling tornado of breathless fascination.This book, a gift for kids who revel in reading (or even those who find it tedious) is a most extraordinary, gratifying, daring affair, teeming with life and vivid stories, abundantly complete with diverse and unique marvels for the young mind, the whole forming a blazing vision of breathtaking splendor that will astonish, inspire, and capture the imagination of young readers everywhere.Each story is an adventure, each tale a discovery.Each page is dripping with captivating tales from history and scientific wonders, all of which have been specifically curated and written for YOUNG READERS.The purpose of this book is to fascinate but also to empower and uplift.These 100 stories filling over 280 pages will inspire awe and fascination in both reluctant readers as well as budding aficionados of the written word.You will be amazed at what your child excitedly learns from a book like this.Get this book today and ignite your child's curiosity. ? Fascination is an incredible gift. ?